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Patricia Roc
Sir John Mills
Martha Scott
Trevor Howard
Described by J. Arthur Rank, as "TheGoddess of Odeons". and by Noel Coward as "an unspoiled movie star who can act" A struggling actor by the name of Ronald Reagan, was romantically involved with her while filming Canyon Passage (1946)
Appointed a CBE in 1960 won an Acadamy Award in 1971and was knighted in 1976. He plays the central character in this film which was made between two movies that were highly successful for him: Great Expectations (1946) and Scott of the Antarctic (1948)
Won an Academy Award nomination for Our Town (1940) and went on to play Charlton Heston's mother twice - in Ben Hur, and The Ten Commandments - and his wife twice on stage. Also starred in Dallas on TV (1979-85)

Playing drunken Dr Whiteside, Howard had already secured fame with his role in Brief Encounter (1945). He was memorable in The Third Man (1949) & Sons and Lovers (1960)- earning an Oscar nomination as yet another drunk
Directed by Edward Dmytryk:
One of Hollywood's rising young directing talents in the 1940's, his career was interrupted by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), a ruthless investigation aimed at uncovering communists in Hollywood. Dmytryk had been a Communist Party member during World War II, and was one of the so-called "Hollywood Ten" who refused to cooperate with HUAC, and had their careers disrupted or ruined as a result. He directed many war films, westerns and thrillers including "The Caine Mutiny" with Humphrey Bogart (1954)


John Mills .... George Boswell
Martha Scott .... Olivia
Patricia Roc .... Julie Morgan
Trevor Howard .... Dr. Richard Whiteside
Richard Carlson .... Charles Winslow
Reginald Tate .... Trevor Mangin
Beatrice Varley .... Annie
Frederick Leister .... John Channing
Ivor Barnard .... Spivey
Julian D'Albie .... Wetherall
Roddy Hughes .... Chief Librarian
John Turnbull .... Morris
Lyonel Watts .... Mayor
Kathleen Boutall .... Woman
James Hilton .... Narrator
Juliet Mills .... Young Julie
Hayley Mills .... In
...And the people of Macclesfield


Ruby Rosenberg: associate producer
Adrian Scott : producer
Original Music: Hanns Eisler
Cinematography: Freddie Young
Film Editing: Harry W. Gerstad
Casting: Maude Spector
Art Direction: Lawrence P. Williams
Costume Design: Renié
Production Management: Philip Brandon
Assistant Director: Roy Goddard
Sound: W.H. Lindop
Sound re-recordist: Clem Portman
Musical Director: C. Bakaleinikoff
Production Advisor: John Gossage
Douglas Robertson .... supervising editor
William E. Watts .... dialogue director

Writing credits: James Hilton
In 1933, he wrote Lost Horizon and his mythical paradise of Shangri-La became a household word. The book was awarded the Hawthornden Prize .The same year an idea came to him in a flash and in four days he had "banged out" a story about an elderly, much-loved schoolmaster which he entitled Goodbye, Mr Chips. He continued to write best-selling novels before, during and after the Second World war including Random Harvest, So Well Remembered and Time and Time Again.

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