So Well

1947 advert

This legendary movie, filmed in Macclesfield in 1946, has been rediscovered after nearly 60 years.

Glorious footage of Macclesfield
- before the developers moved in.
Revisit the cobbled streets, the factories, gas lights, the stations and the mills (silk, Juliet, Hayley and Sir John).
Follow Trevor Howard on his pub crawl down Stanley St,
and count how many extras you recognise...

...114 minutes of nostalgia

A new digitally remastered version is now available on VHS
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The story...

On the day that the Second World War ends, Mayor George Boswell recalls events of the previous 25 years in his home town of Bowdley. As councillor and newspaper editor George has fought hard to better working and living conditions in the bleak Lancashire mill town. As a young man he meets and marries Olivia Channing, whose father was jailed in a scandal involving the mill he owned. Olivia is ambitious and manages to guide George to within striking distance of a seat in Parliament. But an outbreak of diphtheria changes George's outlook, and his and Olivia's lives change forever....

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